Thursday, March 12, 2009

Being Vs. Doing

While I was at the area fellowship in San Antonio last week, I began to look at AMF’s reporting structure. We ask missionaries to report their time in service or preparation, the number of miles they drive, how many meetings they attend, and so forth. As I looked at these requirements, it dawned on me that what we’re measuring is doing, as if doing is what God calls us to do.

I don’t believe God calls us to a lot of activity; He calls us to abide in Him. Being is more important than doing. That doesn’t mean we should be lazy, just sitting around and being monastic in our faith, but I believe that before we do all these activities, we ought to make sure that who we are, deep down where no one sees us, is right and pure and true to what God calls us to be.

John Perkins once said, “You gotta be before you do.” The whole concept of performance-based Christianity, a faith measured by what we do, is part of what I call the American consumerist view of Christianity. I think it’s important that we witness and that we are involved in ministry, but let’s not substitute a relationship of abiding in Christ with a life of doing. At AMF it’s more important that we be before we do.


  1. Being Vs Doing: Ridge you hit the target!
    This prompted a quote to come to my mind regarding our missionary outreach efforts. "Before we can share 'GOOD NEWS' we first must BE 'GOOD NEWS'!"

  2. Right on Ridge!
    So, what can be done to simplify reporting so we don't waste so much time on stuff that doesn't really matter!
    Andy (Sam) Gordley
    NE Area Missionary


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